Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Nature Vs Society - Finding Nature Self

The first object of this article is to explain how a child's connection with Nature and Self, after birth, is gradually taken over by the needs of our society. 
We are all born with the Divinity of Self, self meaning, the state or quality of being Divine; our own Godliness, attached via a personal energy field with Nature
As we progress through our early years, gradually our economic society takes away this Divinity of Self. The second object of this article is to dismiss the society you live in as a need and, live more within your Divinity of Self.

"What I am about to show you is the truth. It is about how our society takes away a child's Divinity of Self, our natural self, our own natural power source, and replaces it with mechanistic society needs. Rather than our society supporting, and even attempting to understand our Divinity of Self, and our connection with Nature, it proceeds to dictate the need for economic survival."

Sarah is born with purity of self, a connection with nature, through an energy field. Sarah could maintain this energy field if she had the knowledge; which would make her life easier and more content as she progressed into adolescence and adult hood. The catalyst for this knowledge is a part of our brain located behind the forehead, which can override other parts of our brain through correct activation. Known as our Divine Nature Intelligence these thought processes communicate with our body; where we are able to create a person free from the primitive and emotional dyslexia that our society impacts on us....to S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k....and gain this knowledge. Sarah looks divine and is divine, within this state of Personal Being.

Unfortunately Jake, Sarah's older brother, living with his father, has gradually moved from his purity of self as a young man towards the life of economic anxiety survival. His school friends Blu and Joe are also suffering confusion about this negative intrusion on their lives. Jake is finding the realities of external life are far different from the inner peace he used to experience. Jake is losing his inner self to the economic insecurity and the need for money to survive in this reality.

When we look at these two realities together we find the contrasting differences and the reasons for this change within ourselves. When born, we possess the Purity of Self connected to nature via a Natural Energy Field projected from our body. To maintain this Purity we need to know our Psychosomatic Knowledge of Self. That is, how we operate as humans. This gives us awareness, insight and peace; through activating our Divine Nature Intelligence located in the part of our brain just behind our forehead. If you S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k. now you are able to feel this activation in some way.

In contrast is our pseudo realism society where external materialism, competition and need are thoughts focused externally on mechanism, programmed within us since childhood - to believe this is life. This survival is prominently operated through the primitive + emotional brain. Primitive survival is - primitive. It has no relation to expansion of our Inner Self or our Divine Nature Intelligence that would improve our lives. Emotions are directly related to primitiveness and are hard to shift when programmed over the years. They continually loop-play in the body through life. A never ending addiction that is unconscious to ourselves through life.
How does our body react to these two contrasting realities? On the left is our society man living in a pseudo realism society under a personal state of survival - stress, anxiety, competitiveness (primitive) and a sense of unbelonging. The large circle represents the many thousands of neuron, and other pathways in our body, transmitting information to keep us alive. The smaller circle represents how this information is transmitted while under stress and anxiety. The information shoots through these pathways like a fast train, never touching the sides, nor stopping for a station and a thought. Chaos reigns within us rending us incapable of coherent decision making, nor a life of contentment. The blue colour is depression, running at the lower level of these pathways. A heaviness within. On the right is a person who has the Knowledge of Self via Divine Nature Intelligence who has taken steps to S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k. and change; enabling themselves to have insight, awareness and a connection with self and Nature. The inner self pathways look different and produce a different result. The pathway energy moves slowly, expands towards the outer area of the pathways, touches the exterior of the pathways, and projects out within the body and into the external natural environment - Nature........It is now time to S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k....

"The Philosophical Processes for a Harmonious Life." This graphic is how it is possible to exist within our society and grow towards your Divinity of Self again. By being aware of Self it is possible to place yourself in the middle of both realities where one observes and experiences society (on the right) in a detached way. This develops the knowledge of society with a feel. These observations are processed through your consciousness and Divinity of Self, and rejected as un-natural to Self. These insights liberate yourself and provide a sense of peace and harmony within. The inner pathways respond to this sense and project outwardly, leading to enlightenment. S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k. provides awareness, and teaches self and others.

When we see the complete implications of
"Knowledge about Psychosomatic Self,"
we can view a reality with a sense of Belonging, pushing society away and detaching, to enable a life in a Natural Inner Self Reality of Insight, Contentment, which is Liberating, and provides Enlightenment.
Our pathways have a sense of fulfillment, through processes enacted by our Divine Nature Intelligence.
Providing you with the renewed experience of the inner child again, touching a reality lost, a feeling of belonging to something more profound ....your inner self....

The first greatest gift we can give ourselves is the knowledge of how we find personal peace in our society of mechanism, competitiveness and monetary values. The second greatest gift we can give ourselves is to find personal peace and then understand what we have found, so we can treasure it, maintain it and feel it enabling ourselves to live with ourselves with personal peace rather than searching for this peace through societies constructs.

Life is not about us solely but rather, about inclusiveness with our natural surrounds. Life starts with us so we are able to project this new found life as an energy field, for others to feel your depth and in turn begin to understand it and enjoy this new found peace.
You may encounter opposition as the teachings and effects of society are entrenched deep within others. There will be times where you have to stand tall. There will be times that you may stumble. There are times 'they' will not understand and you will have to walk away within your peace.

Your role is to maintain your equilibrium within self to establish a new way. Without you, change will not progress - for yourself and others. When found within self, your inner depth influences others peacefully, indirectly, without exertion, enabling your energy field to reach and touch.

Establish this coherency with your thoughts, be pragmatic and slowly develop. All change takes time. Be patient and feel the change in time. We all have the same capabilities. It is you that can change....and with the knowledge of self - you will.

Be brave.... s.t.o.p.a.n.d.t.h.i.n.k....and your journey will fulfill your deepest desire - to feel peace - in a society that wants you to need externally rather than internally.

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